Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Welcome to Season Two

It's November. You know what that means.

Basketball season is right around the corner, so without further ado, welcome to Season Two of our coverage here at Full Court Press, the official basketball blog of the Daily Free Press.

The past seven months have seen great change in Boston University's men's basketball program, most notably the firing of a head coach (Dennis Wolff), the hiring of a head coach (Pat Chambers), and reigning Rookie of the Year Jake O'Brien's release and subsequent return. Significant events have also taken place at other institutions throughout America East. Binghamton University's men's basketball team has been in the headlines, but other teams have seen their fair share of happenings as well.

There will be some changes to the blog this year. In the contributors department, there are three new beat writers this year: John Barone, Josh Mellits, and Josh Cain, all of whom should provide excellent coverage both on the blog and in the Daily Free Press sports section. Some features will also appear differently than they have in the past. Among other things, efficiency data will no longer appear below the power rankings in State of America East. The data, along with Stat of the Week and other numerical information of interest, will be folded into a new weekly statistical feature.

It is our intention to provide the most interesting, up-to-date, and comprehensive coverage of the Terriers anywhere. With that in mind, any comments or suggestions on how this blog can improve are both welcomed and appreciated.

Remember to check back often for the latest coverage, starting with the first part of our preseason power rankings, to be released tomorrow morning.

Thanks for reading.


Tall-boy said...

Just a comment - thanks for continuing the blog! It's hard to find more to read about BU hoops and I always look forward to the Freep's stuff

Matt said...

Hey Tall-boy,

Always glad to hear from a reader... especially a happy reader.

I've been a fan of the BU Hoops Blog since, well, basically since I arrived on campus. You two have the humor/observation/analysis thing down pat. Keep on keepin' on.

Nick said...

Gonna be tough to not be there this season/contribute significantly to the blog, but I'm confident you guys will do an awesome job...