Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Live Blog: University of Maryland-Baltimore County Retrievers vs. Boston University Terriers

Starting lineups:
University of Maryland-Baltimore County Retrievers
F Adrian Satchell
F Matt Spadafora
F Jake Wasco
G Chris De La Rosa
G Chauncey Gilliam

Boston University Terriers
F Jake O'Brien
F John Holland
C Jeff Pelage
G Corey Lowe
G Carlos Strong

Final score: BU 75, UMBC 63

Team leaders:
UMBC: Chris De La Rosa and Chauncey Gilliam, 13
BU: John Holland, 25

UMBC: Jake Wasco, 13
BU: John Holland, 10

UMBC: Chris De La Rosa, Matt Spadafora and Jake Wasco, 2
BU: Carlos Strong, 5

Men's basketball pulls to .500 with win over UMBC
"Big Three" live up to name with combined 65 points


Honey and Vinegar Sports Blog said...

You all doin ok, I saw Los take that spill on the scorers' table in the second half

Matt said...

I think John's doing fine, although for a moment I was considering starting a 10-count for him. That happened fast, too -- I looked down for a moment to check what I was typing, and a split-second later Carlos was on the table, and stuff was flying everywhere.

Can't complain about the seating, though.