Saturday, February 4, 2012

From the FreeP: Terriers ready for college basketball’s worst

By Craig Meyer/DFP Staff

In a recent article on Grantland, the ESPN and Bill Simmons-run platform for long-form sports journalism, writer Michael Weinreb chronicled the 2010-11 season for the Towson University men’s basketball team.

This season has been a lean one for the Tigers, who just picked up their first win of the season Jan. 28 and are currently 1-23, good enough for last place in the ultra-competitive Colonial Athletic Association.

The title of the article? “A Visit With the Worst College Basketball Team in America.”

While no reasonable spectator of the game would look at Towson and see anything more than what the Tigers are, a bad team, the standings of all Division-I college basketball teams is one category in which Towson doesn’t finish last.

That dubious distinction belongs to Binghamton University, a program that stands as the lone winless team among 344 squads in Division-I basketball with a 0-22 record on the season.


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