Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Day After: (BU 63, Iona 57)

The win marked two straight years BU's won the ESPNU Bracketbusters game, but much more importantly, it put an end to BU's three-game losing streak in which the Terriers appeared to be reverting to their "old ways" that plagued them mid-season. Instead, however, the win may serve to get the Terriers back on track and with games against the bottom two teams in the conference left before the tournament, it could serve as a springboard for playing better basketball come the first weekend in March.

-- Jake O'Brien's shooting: Granted he was getting some open looks, but it's still good to see him knocking them down. There's been some inconsistency in his shot over the course of the season, but if he can get into a rhythm from the outside, the Terriers could be dangerous.
-- Jeff Pelage's play: Same said of O'Brien can be said for Pelage. He's a physical post presence that the team's been lacking, but has been playing much better of late. Increased productive minutes from the rookie would help all facets of BU's game in the tournament.

-- Lowe's turned ankle: It's unknown how long Lowe will be out for, but the injury certainly didn't look good, and seeing any player hobble off the court on crutches is never a welcome sight, especially when he's one of the best to play at BU. The Terriers will need him for the tournament, and all eyes will be on his recovery.
-- Turnovers: Twenty one turnovers against any team is never good, but BU has begun to set a trend of accumulating turnovers against man-to-man defense more often than not. It's what bothered them most (among other things) against Vermont and may serve as an unfortunate blueprint for opponents if the trend continues.

Gael-force win for Terriers
Freshmen O'Brien and Pelage step up for BU

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