Monday, February 2, 2009

Stat of the Week

23 and 20

As January came to a close, Marqus Blakely decided to remind the rest of the conference why he is the reigning America East Player of the Year. Maine was the unfortunate team stuck in his way. Blakely went over, around, and through the Black Bears en route to collecting 23 points and 20 rebounds in a 75-65 Catamount victory. Only six other players have managed to grab 20 of each in a game this season; the list reads like a who's who of dominant post players. Hey, Blake Griffin, DeJuan Blair, could you move over and make some room? Mr. Blakely's looking for a seat.

As for Maine's rebounding efforts, well, we've seen this before. About a month earlier, in fact. In the Black Bears' 56-43 loss to Canisius, the Golden Griffins' Chris Gadley pulled down 25 rebounds. No other player has managed to collect 25 rebounds in a game this year; in fact, the feat hadn't been accomplished since February of 2007.

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