Thursday, April 30, 2009

Feature: A coach's demise

Feature on the firing of 15-year BU coach Dennis Wolff from The Daily Free Press.

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Anonymous said...

Very well written article...Do you know where Wolff or any of the other coaches that were fired are going to end up? Do they have any job offers?

Nick said...

Coach Wolff is still looking for a job but said he wants to remain in coaching if possible... Haven't heard anything from Sean Ryan or Will Seward but both are very capable coaches. Hopefully they end up finding something either in low Division I, Division II or anything else, really.

Steve said...

You did some great research getting quotes from a slew of coaches and former players. Great perspective.

I think more should have been said, however, about his failure against AE competition for 7 years in the tournament. Other programs have been consistently been passing BU in this conference.

Anonymous said...

While I respect the extent of your research, the article was too turgid.

As to your question whether the administration was patient enough - 2 NCAA appearances in 15 years. . . how much more patience could one reasonably expect?

Anonymous said...

update on fired coaches:

Director of Basketball Operations Thomas Joyce now holds the same position at Bucknell (they visit BU Dec. 6)

After Ralph Willard left Holy Cross, Sean Ryan landed on new coach Sean Kearney's staff as an assistant.

Will Seward was one of two finalists for the head coaching job at Clarkson, but lost out and has not landed anywhere yet.

Wolff is sitting on $1.2 million. The Boston Globe had an article about how he visited troops in Afghanistan over the summer with other former college basketball coaches