Monday, February 15, 2010

Post-game audio: Boston University 58, University of Hartford 55

Head coach Patrick Chambers' opening statement

Jake O'Brien on staying confident despite missing shots

O'Brien on his involvement in the offense down the stretch

O'Brien describes BU's last offensive possession

Chambers on defending Joe Zeglinski and Carlos Strong's contributions

Chambers on taking away Zeglinski's 3 and BU's improved field-goal defense

Chambers on “getting over the hump” and winning a close game

Chambers on preparing his team for important situations

Chambers on team defense and getting back to basics

Chambers on watching film

Chambers on Valdas Sirutis' 17 minutes and defensive value

Chambers on O'Brien playing well despite shooting poorly

Chambers on adjusting to John Holland's occasional drop in production

Chambers on Corey Lowe's role

Chambers on Lowe's decision-making and practice performance carrying over to games

Chambers on gaining momentum as the America East Tournament approaches

Chambers talks about a “winner's mentality”

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