Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Post-game audio: University of Vermont 76, Boston University 75

University of Vermont

Head coach Mike Lonergan's opening statement

Marqus Blakely describes Vermont's last offensive possession

Blakely on not being double-teamed

Blakely on John Holland's performance

Blakely on BU's improved play this meeting

Lonergan on Vermont's last play / Blakely's performance

Lonergan on defending Holland coming out of the timeout / Vier's 3

Boston University

Head coach Patrick Chambers' opening statement

Chambers on BU's last offensive possession (2 segments)

Chambers on BU's defense late in the game

Chambers reflects on his mindset from before and after the game

Chambers on John Holland's performance

Chambers on responding after the loss

Chambers on the lack of bench scoring

Chambers on Marqus Blakely

Chambers on starting slow in games

Chambers on moral victories

Chambers on Carlos Strong

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