Wednesday, February 9, 2011

From the FreeP: Chambers strives to build program at BU

By Craig Meyer/DFP Staff

Beneath all of the bright lights and fanfare commonly associated with college basketball and March Madness is something far less flashy and far more substantive.

It is hour after hour, breaking down every meticulous detail for every single opponent on a schedule that spans the greater part of five months. It is day after day in the gym, working relentlessly to perfect a team as much as possible. It is week after week traversing the country, trying to convince 17-year-olds and their families why your program, more than any other in the country, is right for them.

Indeed, the life of a college basketball head coach is one engulfed by a tireless, unglamorous pursuit of excellence that may never come to fruition by season’s end.

There is pressure on these coaches and for many of them, it is more than enough work to stick to preparing, coaching and recruiting for the betterment of their program.

But for a coach like Patrick Chambers at Boston University, such duties are simply insufficient.

For Chambers, the changes he has tried to implement for the Terrier program have extended far beyond the baselines at Case Gymnasium, far beyond the training and execution that define the success of his teams.


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