Friday, November 11, 2011

BU vs. Northeastern Live Blog

Starting lineups:
Northeastern University Huskies

F Kauri Black
F Kashief Edwards
G Jonathan Lee
G Joel Smith
G Alwayne Bigby

Boston University Terriers
F Dom Morris
F Patrick Hazel
G Darryl Partin
G Matt Griffin
G D.J. Irving

Final Score: NU 82, BU 74 (OT)

Team leaders:
NU: Joel Smith, 20
BU: Darryl Partin, 25

NU: Joel Smith, 12
BU: Dom Morris, 7

NU: Jonathan Lee, 6
BU: Patrick Hazel, 2


Anonymous said...

. . .the Jones' era gets off to a losing start. . .what a piece of work u are. Captain obvious. Use your brain and stop embarassing BU blog. That was a hell of a comeback and a historic night. You bone heads talked more about the dance team.

Anonymous said...

Embarrassing the blog? What're you talking about, pal? If you couldn't tell from the hasty ending of each and every live blog that has ever been done on the Boston Hockey Blog or the Full Court Press, the reporters have to get to the press conferences to bring you coverage on them. They don't have time to eek out perfect poetic sentences about the game or write their recaps for you at the end of the live blog before seeing the press conferences. If they miss the first minute of the presser, there goes one coach's entire opening statement. Regardless, I thought that remarking that the loss was the first of the Jones era was a legitimate point to make at the end of the game, as it followed through on one of the more closely-followed story lines of the off season.
The point of a live blog is to bring readers the play-by-play action of the game and to add their own thoughts throughout when given the opportunity, and I think these guys did, and have been doing for years, a stand up job of that!
If you want "historic night" and "hell of a comeback," why don't you check out the articles that they wrote about exactly those things just hours after the game? Or are you so bent on instant gratification that you won't even check back for the post-game content?
Get over yourself.