Thursday, November 10, 2011

From the FreeP: Partin the Interruption: Leading scorer Darryl Partin looks to fill leadership role on and off the court

By René Reyes/DFP Staff

A 32-point night against Cornell University in November 2010 generated multiple left shoulder shrugs from Partin in his postgame presser. An unsightly 3-for-11 shooting performance in the America East Conference championship game last March still failed to break his calm demeanor afterward.

At the BU men’s basketball team’s open practice Monday, a rare sequence unfolded on the first court of the Fitness and Recreation Center. Co-captain Matt Griffin went around a Mat Piotrowski screen and drove relatively untouched down the lane for an easy bucket. Partin, the Seattle native who’s quiet by nature, was visibly upset with his teammates for the blown defensive rotation.

And he let them know it.

He gathered guards D.J. Irving and Zach Chionuma and forwards Dom Morris and Patrick Hazel in a circle near the free-throw line. On that particular possession, Partin barked, they should have slid over to the weak side and prevented the drive. Whoever was caught underneath the hoop, he added, would take the charge.

The Scarlet squad answered with a smothering display of defense on the White team’s next offensive trip down the floor, culminating in a Hazel block that started the fast break. Partin’s fiery exchange during a break in the scrimmage provided just a glimpse into his emergence as a vocal leader for BU.


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