Thursday, January 12, 2012

Coach Jones post-game transcript: 1/11 @ Maine

By Shep Hayes/DFP Staff

On BU’s offensive transformation
Bob [Ryan], you know, you’ve been around a long time, you know, you have some talented players, you know, both those kids played terrific, offensively for us. That has really been a big boost for us. In the games that we won early in the year, Darryl played, obviously, he didn’t shoot the ball 6-of-7 from 3, but, you know he was throwing in the, you know, high-20s, mid-to-high 20s when we were on a four-game winning streak. Then we made a concerted effort to try and balance the offense a little bit more and try to get the ball inside a little bit more, but tonight felt more like one of the games that we played early in the year, to be honest with you. When we were in Rhode Island, we played Cleveland State, and Hofstra, and Rhode Island. He was sensational and really got his groove back in the second half and really played well for us. And D.J. just did a great job getting to the lane and making plays for himself and other people. We’ve been working hard on his pull-up jumper and he did a great job tonight.

On how the BU offense looked
Well, when you have a guy like D.J., you know, he’s so fast, you know, you kinda have a running start and he’s hard guy to stay in front of. And like I said, when he didn’t get to the rim and he didn’t shoot the pull-up jumper, he was able to find Darryl and find other guys.

On how the Maine offense looked
They’re a terrific team, though, I tell you. I mean, we won the game almost by double figures and they shot 52 percent from the floor, you know, they’re terrific in transition. They just seem to always be around the basket. They just got a ton of layups against us. Yes, yes, they are [a good interior passing team]. And when they get in the paint, they look out for each other. They kind of got you spread out because you’ve got McLemore on the wing, and once they drive, you’re all spread out. Now that defense spreads out, there is no one rotating down the line, we didn’t – we talked about doing it – but we didn’t really do a great job because we’re trying to stay a little closer to him on their sets. But we got broken down when they hit layups against us.

On forcing turnovers from Maine
I just think, you know, we try to play hard, we try to be aggressive on the ball screens. There were times when we didn’t do a great job of it. I thought the other guys did a really good job of understanding what we needed to do against their individual players. You know, they have a talented team, a very good team. And I thought we just did a good job of understanding what we had to do to win the game.

On rebounding
We’ve really tried to make a concerted effort to try to go to the glass more. Some of that is on me, you know. When you take over a program, you try to talk about the things that are important. Rebounding has always been important to me, but it’s not something that we stressed enough to be honest with you. I thought the Quinnipiac game really helped put things in perspective for me in terms of how we were built and what we needed to do a much better job of because, you know, they’re a terrific rebounding team and there is no reason why we can’t be in that same argument, in terms of being a great rebounding team and we just hadn’t been doing it. So, we just made a concerted effort to go to the glass much more. And we’re not a team that’s going to, you know, shoot in the high-50s every night. You know, Darryl got it going tonight, but we’re a team that shoots in the mid-to-low forties most nights, so we’ve gotta get on the offensive glass.

On Darryl’s performance tonight compared to other nights
Yeah, he had games in Rhode Island. He had a stretch against Hofstra that was a lot like that. He made three 3’s in a row against Hofstra that was – one was he was falling off the glass, then we made two in front of the bench off a hand-off, which he was supposed to come off a ball screen, but he just shot, twice in a row. It was very similar. But this is the best he’s shot in that stretch.

On how the offense adjusts when Darryl is hot
Yeah. I think he’s the type of guy, when he gets into a rhythm like that, you’ve got to try to find him. And, you know, you’re trying to balance your team, you’re trying to make sure if he can’t score it, you’re still built to win, but when he has it going like that and D.J. has it going like that, we really need to go play through those guys.

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