Thursday, January 12, 2012

Darryl Partin's post-game transcript: 1/11 @ Maine

By Shep Hayes/DFP Staff

On the differences between his performance in the first half and the second half
I mean, really, first half . . . I knew I was missing a lot of shots and I was just like, man, come on. I couldn’t wait for the second half to start. I was just like, I gotta start knocking some of these down because I thought I was getting a lot of good looks. Like, a lot of shots that I like to shoot and everything and they weren’t going in. So, I mean, you just gotta keep calm and keep through it, and our coach, I mean he just engrains all of that confidence in you, so you just play through it.

On offensive adjustments at halftime
No, we followed our game plan from the beginning. Like, in the first half, we were getting good shots, just a lot of layups; they just weren’t falling. Second half, we just kept after it, and some of them knocked down.

On the shutting down the Maine offense
We’re a really good team in the half court, so we were just like we had a really great game plan. And other guys, we’ve always been a good transition team, so once we crashed the boards we just ran back and transitioned hard and tried to make them play against our half court.

On D.J.’s return from a concussion
Oh, yeah definitely. I mean, D.J., he’s a cavalier. He gets everything going. He’s fast. I don’t know anybody faster than him and he’s gonna pick up the ball defensively, like put a lot of pressure on the point guards and push the ball in transition and get some sets. It was good to have hime back.

On D.J.’s end-of-the-first 3
Oh, that was huge. Like, I mean, six or nine? Like, that does something to you mentally, when you’re looking and you see than you’re down six. But we knew that we were just going to come out and not start off as flat as we did, you know, in the second half. So, we just take four minute games and just try and play intense and execute our game plan.

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