Saturday, November 22, 2008

Welcome to Full Court Press

Welcome to Full Court Press, the official basketball blog of The Daily Free Press.

We are extremely excited (albeit two games into the season) to be able to launch this site. Not only has it been on the back of our minds for some time, but given the amount of mediums in which the Free Press can present information coupled with the limited amount of space in the hard copy of the paper, this blog will serve as a powerful tool to provide you (our readers) with additional coverage of the team.

The content you will see on Full Court Press can be broken down into four sections: daily content, weekly content, game-specific content and breaking news. Below is a brief description of each.

1) Daily content:
- Around the League: Short recaps of the previous day’s games featuring America East teams. Runs the morning after a day where an America East team plays.

2) Weekly content
- A Century of Tradition: Entries discuss the history of BU basketball -- the evolution of the program, historic moments (especially as they relate to the present day), remarkable feats, star players, etc. This segment runs every Thursday.
- Statistic of the Week: As simple as it sounds. What we think is the most surprising/interesting statistic of the week. This segment runs every Sunday.
- The State of America East: Power rankings of America East teams. This segment will run every Monday.

3) Game-specific content
- Gameday: A companion to the preview which runs in the hard copy of the paper. Gameday provides statistics, opponent information, trends and other things which don’t fit in the print edition but are still of value.
- The Day After: Any and all game-related information of interest such as unrealized statistics, links to audio files, photos and multimedia presentations.
- Live Blog: Comprehensive in-game coverage of what’s happening along with 60-second photo edits so you can keep in touch with the team if you’re unable to make the game.

4) Breaking News: We hope to become your go-to source for breaking news and stories surrounding the team. Anything from practice updates to lineup switches, we’ve got you covered.

Also, note that the ESPN widgets on the right sidebar can be set to provide specific information on America East as well as any other conference in college basketball, so feel free to set them to your liking. Also, look for weekly (or sometimes more frequent) polls on the right hand side of our page.

We hope you will enjoy what Full Court Press has to offer during this, the historic 100th season of basketball at Boston University.


Couper, Matt and Nick

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Phil said...

Awesome blog guys! I'll make sure to hit this site every day.