Thursday, January 8, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Dennis Wolff to make post-game statement

It has been confirmed with officials inside BU's Athletics Department that BU coach Dennis Wolff will make a post-game statement regarding the "the team and the rest of the season concerning the different rumors."

While nothing has been validated as of yet, it's expected that the announcement will contain two pieces of information regarding injuries to key players on BU's roster: redshirt junior co-captain Tyler Morris and junior Carlos Strong. Wolff is expected to announce that both players are out for the season after suffering different knee injuries -- Strong in the first half of BU's most recent loss against Holy Cross and Morris later that week in practice.

Please keep checking the blog for live coverage of Wolff's press conference as well as tonight's now significantly more interesting game against the University at Albany.

Also, as of 11:00 a.m., there was no official word on whether or not Wolff will choose to bench junior co-captain Corey Lowe (as discussed in the gameday entry) due to the fact that he received two technical fouls in the Terriers' previous game. As soon as we have official word, we'll let you know.


Tall-boy said...

Is this really breaking news, or is this just them not confirming the injuries now?

Nick said...

Probably the latter, but we wanted to get something up there that could let people know what's going on. The statement will most likely let us know what's going on with both Morris and Strong.