Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Day After: Vermont 70, BU 56

-- Building an early lead: The Terriers were able to jump on the Catamounts despite a terrible crowd at Agganis and the talented team that Mike Lonergan's assembled. One wonders if the result would have been different had BU not collapsed before the half.
-- Zone defense: While suspect late in the second half, BU's zone held the Catamounts t0 28 points in the first half. And for a team that's averaging above 75 points per game, that mark is pretty impressive, especially since the Terriers are still learning the intricacies of the matchup zone.

-- Agganis losing streak:
-- End-game effort: It appeared as though after the scrum between Matt Wolff and Marqus Blakely, UVM took complete control of the momentum and put the Terriers away to the point of non-effort in the final minutes of the game.
-- Inability to break the press: Even though they worked on it in practice, the Terriers were unable to solve UVM's full-court press, leading to a slew of costly turnovers.

Catamounts' Full White Press forces 13 turnovers, keys victory over BU

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