Monday, January 5, 2009

Stat of the Week


It's not your ordinary double-double. Reggie Fuller wasn't satisfied with the minimum requirements of 10 and 10 against Marist last Tuesday -- he wanted more. Fuller's 16 points and 15 rebounds (plus three blocks) is the conference's first 15-15 performance of the year. It was efficient as well: Fuller missed just four shots from the field. The result? A two-point victory for the Bearcats

The Binghamton big man is overshadowed by fellow conference bigs Marqus Blakely and Darryl Proctor. Even Binghamton's prolific scorer D.J. Rivera gets more attention than Fuller. But make no mistake, Fuller is a key ingredient. On a team lacking perimeter shooting, Fuller is the Bearcats' only proven option in the post. He is efficient, takes care of the ball, rebounds well, and blocks more shots than most players his size (Fuller stands 6-foot-6). Last offseason's influx of talent has given Binghamton the chance to take the next step, but without Fuller Binghamton wouldn't be nearly as competitive in this conference.

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